Ed Metcalf

Results-oriented professional with 28 years of commercial nuclear power experience. Areas of expertise include overall plant leadership and management with direct line experience in Operations, Engineering and Maintenance. Repeatedly recognized for strong leadership and facilitative skills. Proficient in the development and execution of continuous improvement and excellence plans across the station. Experienced in interfacing with industry evaluators, specifically INPO/WANO and the NRC. Direct involvement in all aspects of INPO/WANO assessments, including assist visits, crew performance observations, SOER response and evaluations and AFI response strategies. Familiar with addressing organizational challenges and INPO OR assessments.

Ted Nichols

Ted has over thirty-eight years of engineering experience in the electric power industry (30 years commercial nuclear power) and has held several key technical and senior management positions. Areas of expertise include plant leadership and management with direct line experience in Engineering, Maintenance and Equipment Reliability. Recognized for providing innovative solutions in support of improving plant performance, resolving equipment reliability challenges and improving organizational effectiveness.