Strong Plant Operational Focus

Along with other industry experts, originally authored INPO 10-004, Principles for a Strong Plant Operational Focus (OF).  Well experienced in providing services to the industry to improve performance in the area of Plant Operational Focus.

Services include Self Assessments against the elements of 10-004, development of action plans to improve OF that consider both process and behaviors, process reviews based on risk assessment and real-time coaching of leadership teams to strive for Strong Plant Operational Focus.

With over 50 years of commercial nuclear power experience and strong organizational and facilitative skills, North Atlantic Energy Group LLC can provide direct solutions that result in improved behaviors and performance in the area of Plant Operational Focus.


Equipment Reliability

High equipment reliability is the result of choices based on technical and business decisions that influence or ultimately determine how long between equipment failures. The key to establishing high equipment reliability is by ensuring that the introductions of incidents that can cause unexpected system and/or component failures are avoided.

Plants that demonstrate high levels of equipment performance, reliability and safety have accomplished this by effectively applying a series of practices and behaviors based on specific success factors.  These success factors include leadership engagement, resolving chronic equipment problems, eliminating design weaknesses, focus on important systems, long term planning, craft ownership, application of a condition based maintenance strategy, effective work management and the utilization of operating experience.

North Atlantic Energy Group LLC has over 50 years of equipment reliability experience (INPO AP-913) in support of the commercial nuclear power industry. We can provide solutions to your specific equipment reliability challenges based on proven success factors that will result in improved plant performance.


Change Management

Over the past 15 years, the commercial nuclear power industry has experienced dramatic changes in the marketplace. Examples of these changes include deregulation, mergers, competition and ageing plants. Recent industry events now suggest that these changes will continue as a result of ongoing competition throughout the electric power generation and distribution market.

As a result, plants will need timely and effective solutions to navigate through these challenges in order to maintain safe, reliable and cost effective plant operations. Examples of solutions that have a proven success record include:

  • Establish a clear vision and direction,
  • Establish a strategic change plan and governance,
  • Engage all stakeholders
  • Establish and train change teams
  • Establish and implement collaborative transition skills


Causal Analysis

Well experienced in the use of various Causal Analysis (Root Causes, Apparent Causes, and Common Causes) including MORT Analysis, Comparative Timeline, Hazard Target Analysis, etc.  Skilled in applying extensive industry experience in Maintenance, Operations, Engineering and Leadership to help solve and develop effective solutions to plant challenges.

Recent examples where assistance has been provided:

  • Multiple Crew Performance Evaluation (CPE) failures
  • Declining station and department performance
  • Significant event involving Human Performance, Organizational Effectiveness and Equipment.
  • Repeat and Related INPO Areas for Improvement (AFIs)